We provide the safest tattoo removal products available to consumers and industry professionals. No Scarring, Painless, Non Lazer and No Acid.

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Transforming tattoo removal forever!

Linda Paradis, the inventor and pioneer of Tattoo Remoov™ has changed the world of tattoo removal for everyone. Linda is a dermographist and trains people around the world in dermopigmentation. She is an internationally acclaimed leader in the field of tattoo removal and has won the Oscar of Innovation award in Paris. Linda's focus on pigmentation and skin has allowed her to create the optimal serum. This cutting-edge Magnetic removal technology guarantees painless, affordable and effective tattoo removal. Our resident professional, Delarey van Tonder was trained by Linda Paradis. His training and expertise will ensure that you receive the best tattoo removal treatment in South Africa.


At Tattoo Removal Studio, we aim to optimise the tattoo removal process with the use of Tattoo Remoov™'s revolutionary technology. We guarantee your tattoo removal process will be quick, easy, affordable and will leave you with healthy and unscarred skin.


To start the process, email of WhatsApp us to book a consultation in the Johannesburg and Pretoria area. We will ensure that we take into consideration the age of the tattoo, the density and composition of the ink, the depth of pigment, the tattoo color and your health to ensure efficient tattoo removal. We want to make this experience as trauma-free as possible.


Because not everything lasts forever!