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How It Works

How do Tattoo Remoov™ and Cartridge 88® work together to remove ink?

Cartridge 88®

The cartridge contains 88 square-shaped needles. These needles are flat which enables them to gently caress the dermis without causing any harm. The needle does not penetrate the dermis, unlike other methods, and therefore does not cause scarring.

PH level of 9.5

Tattoo Remoov has a PH level of 9.5 alkaline and is made-up of 30% water. Our products are FDA-approved and have approval from the New York Chamber of Commerce.

Cartridge 88® 

The pulsing movements of the Cartridge 88® deeply exfoliates the dermis and elevates the temperature of the water in the skin. This gentle heat causes the water to evaporate from the skin. The carefully crafted Tattoo Remoov™ serum is drawn into the skin where it targets the ink pigment. Once the Tattoo Remoov™ serum is inside of the dermis it recognises the iron oxide of the pigment molecules and causes the pigment to come out of the dermis and up to the surface. The pigment comes out of the skin in a light green colour. The green is a result of the serum combining with the metal oxides in the ink. The colour will change over time for the individual and will be dependent upon the type of iron in the tattoo ink. The chemical reaction results in a red to violet (similar to a rainbow) colour change over time until the pigment is fully removed.

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