We provide the safest tattoo removal products available to consumers and industry professionals. No Scarring, Painless, Non Lazer and No Acid.

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Changing the way Tattoo's and Permanent Makeup will be Removed Forever

At Tattoo Removal Studion we are looking to help clients the remove their unwanted Tattoos and Permanent Make-Up with NO Pain, NO Laser, NO Scars, NO Selective Colours and lots more benefits


We want to ensure you that we will do a proper consultation with you to make sure the expected outcome is desirable. We will take the Age of the Tattoo, Density of Ink, Ink Composition, Depth of Pigment Insertion, Tattoo Color and Your Health into consideration when we endeavour to help you to get rid of your unwanted ink.


Delarey van Tonder was trained by Linda Paradis, founder of TATTOO REMOOV™, following all the principles that make this approach revolutionary for removing unwanted ink.


Cause Not Everything Lasts forever.......