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Laser Tattoo Removal – What You Should Know Before You Go

They say hindsight is 20/20 vision, and when it comes to laser tattoo removal, “they” are absolutely right! A quick Google search turns up literally millions (yes, millions) of results, most of which promote the practice as the easiest and safest way to get rid of your tattoo. It’s not easy, when you’re wading through all the articles, to find ones with big, red, flashing warning signs about the potential hazards of laser tattoo removal, and what you should know before going ahead with it.

Which is why I wanted to share with you a little “after-the-fact” wisdom gleaned from people who unquestioningly believed all the hype and, had their tattoos removed by laser. These painfully-earned nuggets of knowledge will hopefully help you make a more informed and educated decision about which method to use – and which to avoid – when having your tattoo removed.

There Are No Guarantees

This is something you need to understand right off the bat. No matter how much research you do upfront, or how skilled your laser tattoo removal artist is, you may never actually fully get rid of your ink. Even after multiple treatments, you could be left with either a ghost image of your tattoo, or raised scarring (which is permanent, by the way) where your tattoo used to be.

There’s No Such Thing As “One And Done”

Even if you had your tattoo done in one session, there is no way it’s going to be laser-removed in one. Even the simplest tattoo requires multiple treatments – and even then it may well never completely disappear. Laser removal specialists who claim they can remove your tattoo in six to eight sessions are not being completely honest with you. The number could well be a lot higher.

It’s also important to remember your skin needs time to recover in between sessions. The recommended time is at least four weeks, but can often be as much as six or eight. This is because laser tattoo removal shatters the pigment into little pieces. So, while your skin will probably heal in about two weeks, your body’s immune system can take much, much longer to remove the broken up ink particles from your body. So, realistically, even if you only need six treatments, it will still take up to 48 weeks to have your tattoo removed.

Where on your body your tattoo is located also has an effect on how quickly – or slowly – your body removes the pigmentation. Areas closer to the heart – such as your neck, head, chest and upper arms – will clear more quickly, as the circulation in those parts of your body is faster than in your extremities, such as your hands and feet.

Show Me The Money

Or rather, show me the money disappearing from my back account! If you thought getting your tattoo was eye-wateringly expensive, wait until you try lasering it off! Even if you’re incredibly lucky, and you have no infection or injury to the skin during the removal process, each laser removal session can cost you anything up to around R700, sometimes more. Some tattoos can take up to 30 sessions to remove – especially if they are large, complicated or multi-coloured. So, you do the math!

It Hurts!

You might think that getting your tattoo was painful. Well, that pain has got nothing on having it laser removed! What is a laser, after all, if not a targeted beams of heat and radiation? Yes, radiation! The word laser is actually an acronym for “light amplification by stimulation emission of radiation.” Some people say it hurts up to twice as much as getting the tattoo in the first place – especially if your tattoo is on a bony part of your body, such as your ankle, ribs or collarbone.

There is also pain after the procedure – often lasting at least a week. Expect the skin that has been lasered to first blister, then scab and peel. Many people who have undergone laser tattoo removal experience discomfort so significant they can’t even wear clothing over the affected area for a few days.

The Dark Side

Laser tattoo removal can cause immediate darkening of some tattoo inks. This will usually correct itself within a year with multiple treatments, but in some cases, the darkening is irreversible. Technicians should warn clients of this potential side-effect, but many don’t.

What Is The Alternative?

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