We provide the safest tattoo removal products available to consumers and industry professionals. No Scarring, Painless, Non Lazer and No Acid.

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Welcome to the Tattoo Removal Studio 

Removal without laser or micro-needling

This exclusive tattoo removal method guarantees great results without using laser or micro-needling on the skin, just by the concept of Square Needles (TR88RS) and a solution with basic PH 10, which is all done without causing any inflammation or scars on the skin.

Benefits of TATTOO REMOOV™

This miracle solution to ink removal, is marketed as an alternative to laser tattoo removal, which can cause an indiscriminate damage to the surrounding skin tissue.


NO pain, NO Laser, NO Scars, NO Selective Colours, NO Redness or Inflammation of Skin, NO Bleaching, NO Crust or Pollution on the Skin, NO Hair Loss